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The “Human Chromosome 21 gene expression atlas” web site collects data derived from a systematic study on chromosome 21 genes. This study identifies the tissues where each chromosome 21 gene is turned on during development and in the adult. It is based on the expression analysis of all identifiable murine orthologues of human chromosome 21 genes by RNA in situ hybridization on whole-mounts (E9.5, E10.5 embryos) and tissue sections (E14.5 embryos), and by RT-PCR on adult tissue.


Under the Scientific Data section, you can access:

  1. a Summary table containing all the expression data (see below);
  2. Examples of gene expression in specific tissues, with images of expression of some genes in organs affected in Down Syndrome patients, i.e., “Pancreas”, “Gut”, “Limb”, “Heart”, “Thymus”, “Cerebellum”;
  3. “Materials and Methods” with a description of the techniques used for these studies.


Summary Table


This table shows all the identified genes on chromosome 21 ordered by their position on human chromosome 21. The third column lists the Human gene accession number and the fourth column the accession number of the murine ortholog gene. Finally, the last column on the right summarizes the Status in the mouse. By clicking on “Status in mouse” a description of the color code will be found. To access the data for each gene you need to click on the gene name. This will take you to a gene card.